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Let our team at Maple Hill Engineering, help you deliver stronger, faster, more profitable results.

We bring a fresh, objective perspective and leverage ideas from the wide variety of industries we serve, including, aerospace/defense, computer storage, consumer goods, medical, food service, retail, information technology, residential / commercial / historic / industrial construction, energy distribution and more.


Process Management

We offer a full range of process management services from process documentation to online global process architecture. We also help companies improve their processes. These efforts commonly reduce operating costs by 10-30%.

We recognize that to strengthen a business, processes must be measurable. We help companies get the data they need through simple means such as tick-marks in a notebook, or through more advanced means including pulling data from a database to power online dashboards.

We assess current state, make recommendations and facilitate changes.

Project Management 

We help organizations manage projects when they do not have the time or resources to manage the project themselves. One of our specialties is turn-key construction project management. Helping organizations that are moving or expanding coordinate the multitude of details that accompany such a change.

Believe it or not, a floor plan that is designed around your companies processes can radically improve operating efficiency.  We have worked with companies throughout the United States and internationally to help them reduce turn-around time by 50-70% and free up resources that they can now allocate to volume increases.

Product Design Implementation

The owner of Maple Hill, Bobbie Gilman, developed a Lean Design approach in 2004 that helps product development teams look objectively at their design concepts.  Everything is scrutinized; part count, packaging, transportation, logistics and assembly.  These efforts commonly reduce part counts by 20 to 50% and simplify the value stream saving millions of dollars year-over-year in operating costs. Give us a call and ask us about Customer-Focused Failure Mode Analysis, Classification of Characteristics and our Lean Design courses.

Maple Hill Engineering, Evansville, IN 47725 // Phone: 812-604-1172