Projects We Have Managed

Our team has managed a wide variety of projects including construction projects, product development, design and install of manufacturing lines, software design, global process standardization, global process management systems, and online status monitors (performance dashboards).


Helping customers bring their vision to life!


Our experienced project managers continually strive for quality, functionality, beauty and value in residential, churches, commercial and industrial environments.  As the liaison between the customer and the contractor, we help reduce the stress that construction often brings.

Our team of process experts works hard to understand operations.  We study people flow, material flow, product and information flow. We work with employees to understand what works/does not work in their present environment and we help derive layouts to help them better serve customers.

Can’t imagine spending extra money for a project manager?  Our customers often save 2 to 4 times what it costs to hire us!  We challenge building codes to ensure you only pay for what is required by law. We also look beyond ‘the cost of the construction,’ to ensure that long term costs like property tax, power bills, capital loans and maintenance costs are as low as they can be.

Sub-division of Whirlpool Corporation properties in Evansville, IN. 
Manage sub-division of property to be shared by multiple owners.  Managed separation of utilities (gas, electrical, water), fire suppression systems, parking and access, and security (fences, gates, monitoring systems). Acted as liaison and helped managed negotiations between property owners, utility companies and the many parties involved including the Evansville Regional Airport and the City of Evansville.
Development of the Product Development Center in Lavergne, TN. 
Move of HVAC product laboratories from Evansville, IN to Lavergne, TN.  Managed lab specification development, timing, construction, software install, and training of new lab personnel.
Design and Install of a new Manufacturing Line in Galesburg, IL. 
Leveraging Production Preparation Process tools and the expertise of employees, we mocked up an entire assembly line from inexpensive materials to develop a flow and layout that would meet the needs.  Our team then designed custom conveyors, purchased and installed equipment and worked with maintenance and electrical engineers to synchronize conveyor operations and safety shut-offs.
Design of Industrial Layouts
Our team has studied the operations and re-designed flow to help serve customers more effectively and increase throughput.  We have worked with organizations in Illinois, Mexico, Seattle, Memphis and Evansville, IN., improving efficiency from 20 to 70+%.


Development of Plans for Howell General Baptist Church Family Life Center. 
Design of a building which included a gymnasium, kitchen and eating facility, storage, and garage for church vans and equipment.  Our project managers helped reduce construction costs by more than 50%.
Specification development for Hearing Healthcare Center in Evansville.
Our team helped find a new prospective location, developed specifications and obtained competitive construction quotes for our client.
Design and build of the 5000 share foot VSC Wellness Center in Evansville, Indiana.
This growing business struggled with people flow.  Our team addressed congestion and patient privacy and helped with all aspects of the build-out, signage and move to a new location.
VSC FlowVSC Reception Window


Farmhouse Built in 1937
One of our passions is helping renovate and restore older structures. We solved the puzzle of how to add two bedrooms and an open staircase to this terrific older property. 
Farmhouse Staircase
Enclosed Porch for a 19th Century Farmhouse

This property has been in the same family for four generations.  The family hopes to enclose the sunny south side of the home to create a cozy place for family and grandkids to visit and play.

Farmhouse Enclosed Porch

Updating an 1890 Bungalow in Colorado Springs, CO.
Redesigning the living / kitchen area of a lake house in northern Illinois.
A bedroom addition to a lake house in northern Illinois.
Living room addition to a cottage in central Illinois.

Moving a kitchen from one end of the house to the other in DesMoines, IA.

Product Development

Component Design

Our team has designed and implemented 100’s of high volume components leveraging a wide variety of manufacturing methods including injection molding, insert mold decorating, gas-assist injection molding, plastic and aluminum extrusions, roll-forming, stamping, thermoform, and more.  These efforts have led to three United States patents.

Design Simplification Workshops

One of our specialties is helping product development teams explore more cost effective designs. We offer a unique workshop that we call Lean Design.  It is a hybrid between Design for Manufacture & Assembly (DFMA) and Value Stream Mapping.  We help the design team scrutinize everything; part count, packaging, transportation, logistics and assembly. These efforts commonly reduce part counts by 20 – 50% and simplify the value stream saving millions of dollars year-over-year in operating costs.

Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) 

Engineers are deep thinkers and have a responsibility to analyze the technical. Unfortunately, they can get a bit too caught up in the details (we know, because we are often guilty of the same!) and forget to design for those that matter most; the customer.  Our company offers training on a customer-focused Failure Mode Effects Analysis method developed by our owner and nearly 50 product development specialists.  We also promote a more effective risk prioritization developed by Donald J. Wheeler.  The work of our owner and Donald were published in the Automotive Industry Action Group’s (AIAG) Potential Failure Mode & Effects Analysis – 4th Edition Publication.  This unique FMEA method has been trained to hundreds of product developers around the globe.


Design and Install of Manufacturing Lines

New Assembly Line

We have studied the work flow of more than 100 assembly personnel, leveraged our understanding, the data and the 3P (Production Preparation Process) tool to design a new, leaner work environment. In parallel we designed custom conveyors and purchased and installed packaging equipment.

Improved Assembly Cells

We have worked with experienced staff in Illinois, Tennessee, Washington and Indiana, to understand operations and facilitate changes that improved operating efficiency from 20 – 70+%.


Intranet Solutions

Process Documentation Management

Our team has helped design and implement a software system for managing the creation, review, approval and revision of global process documentation.

Process Architecture

Our team has developed a user-friendly online global process flow diagram for a Fortune 500 Product Development company.  Users click on the flow steps to open a new internet window that describes the who, what, when and why of the process steps.

Status Monitoring

Our team developed and implemented an online global dashboard.  In just a few mouse clicks, leadership could view the real-time status of projects around the world.